Frequently asked questions

In case of additional questions please contact us NETFIT technical support is open Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 17.00.


The NETFIT online workout environment allows you to train with professional MyFitness trainers outside the club.
Here you will find a large selection of MyFitness workout videos in different styles – strength, cardio, Body & Mind, and more.
The schedule also includes weekly LIVE workouts!
In the online environment, you can conveniently filter your workouts by style, trainer, activity and training equipment, combine a suitable workout program and record it in your playlist.

You can enter the NETFIT system with the passwords that were sent to you by e-mail after purchasing the package.
MyFitness Club members can log into NETFIT with their log-in details from the MyFitness self-service.

Non-members can join NETFIT by entering their credit card details and paying a monthly fee of € 9.95/month applies.

The NETFIT package is currently FREE for those MyFitness members who pay the monthly fee for the regular package and can still continue training at their clubs or MyFitness members with on-hold memberships. In this case, nothing needs to be done, just log in to NETFIT with your MyFitness self-service passwords.

The free trial period of the NETFIT package is 14 days. If you do not cancel the package during the trial period, your order is automatically renewed with a fee of 9.95 €/month and you can continue to train.

You can cancel the NETFIT package in your NETFIT account by logging in with your NETFIT passwords.
MyFitness members can cancel the NETFIT package in MyFitness self service by logging in with their passwords.
The package can be cancelled once a month and will end on the last date of the month.

The NETFIT package has a monthly fee of € 9,95/month.
The NETFIT package is currently FREE for those MyFitness members who pay the monthly fee for the regular package or for MyFitness on-hold members.
The NETFIT package price of € 9.95 per month applies for MyFitness non-members and other people.

For business customers, we offer training opportunities for all employees of the company under special conditions, which are cheaper and without additional fees! Share information with your employer and find more information here > or send inquiry