Youth package in NETFIT

Youth package in NETFIT

The NETFIT Youth Package gives you access to online trainings created especially for schoolchildren.

The youth workouts have been prepared by MyFitness and the Estonian School Sports Association in cooperation with physical education teachers of Estonian schools.

The workouts are specially designed for students in grades 1–9. The workouts are suitable for all schoolchildren, and are also suitable as a substitute for physical education lessons in distance learning. The workout focuses not only on strength and endurance exercises, but also allows the student to recall/reinforce specific skills learned in a physical education class.

Among the exercises you will find:

  1. The main elements of gymnastics in physical education – different rolls, turns, balance exercises, simpler acrobatic elements and movements that require/develop coordination.
  2. Jump rope as a training tool – basic training for jumping with a jump rope, different jumping methods for advanced students and also simpler body exercises using the jump rope as a workout tool.
  3. Ball as a home training tool – different coordination exercises with balls (tennis ball, volleyball, etc.), different uses of the tool to develop throwing skills, catching skills and general coordination; in addition, different possibilities to perform body exercises with the ball.
  4. Pair exercises with sister/brother, mother/father – fun and body-strengthening exercises with a partner, development of mutual cooperation through such exercises.
  5. Whole body strength training – different exercises for different muscle groups, with the possibility to use water bottles as free weights.
  6. Joint and muscle injury prevention training – various exercises to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility with or without a rubber band (different static and dynamic exercises).
  7. Trainings for junior school level. There are four training sessions for the primary school. Two more intense endurance workouts and one dance workout. Through these trainings, the student notices and develops his/her body feeling, body control and posture. Performs aerobic endurance, accuracy, strength, balance, and dance exercises through playful movement and activity. There is also a special training aimed at noticing the mental and physical balance of this age group. The purpose of this exercise is to perceive the various sensations that accompany breathing in the body (nose, chest, abdomen). Different exercises under the guidance of a coach. For example: tightening, stretching, and relaxing different parts of the body.